What I consider the best practices for web and software development.

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Meaningful Names

The name of a variable, function, or class, should answer all the big questions. It should tell you why it exists, what it does, and how it is used. If a name requires a comment, then the name does not reveal its intent.

A variable’s name represents what information it contains.

Use intention revealing names

// Bad
private $d; // elapsed time in days

// Good
private $elapsedTimeInDays;

Use pronounceable names

// Bad
class DtaRcrd102 
    /** @var Date */
    private  $genymdhms;

    /** @var Date */
    private $modymdhms;

// Good
class Customer 
    /** @var Date */
    private $generationTimestamp;

    /** @var Date */
    private $modificationTimestamp;

Use searchable names

If a variable or constant might be seen or used in multiple places in a body of code, it is imperative to give it a search-friendly name.

// Bad
for ($i = 0; $i < 34; $i++) {
    $s += ($t[$i] * 4) / 5;

// Good
const NUMBER_OF_TASKS = 34;

$sum = 0;
for ($i = 0; $i < self::NUMBER_OF_TASKS; $i++) {
    $realTaskDays = $this->taskEstimate[$i] * self::REAL_DAYS_PER_IDEAL_DAY;
    $realTaskWeeks = $realTaskDays / self::WORK_DAYS_PER_WEEK;
    $sum += $realTaskWeeks;

Sum above is not really useful but at least is searchable. The intentionally named code makes the function longer, but check how easier it will be to find WORKS_DAYS_PER_WEEK than to find all the places where 5 was used.

Class and Variables: always nouns

Classes and variables should have noun or noun phrase names like Customer, WikiPage, Account, and AddressParser.

Avoid words like Helper, Processor, Data, or Info in the name of a class.

Method Names

Methods should have verb or verb phrase names like postPayment(), deletePage(), or save().

When constructors are overloaded, use static factory methods with names that describe the arguments.

// Bad
$fulcrumPoint = new Complex(23.0)

/// Good
$fulcrumPoint = Complex::fromRealNumber(23.0);

For methods/functions that return a boolean, must be predicated. For example: isValid() or hasSomething().

Pick one word per concept

When starting to have a huge code base, you and your team might start failing to be consistent in the concepts. That might end up having a fetch, retrieve, and get as equivalent methods of different classes.

We must use find in Repositories and get for Entities or Services.



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