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The Lightning-Smart PHP IDE

It provides the best code completion, refactorings, on-the-fly error prevention, and more.


Php Inspections (EA Extended)

  • Architecture related issues
  • Weak types control and possible code simplifications
  • Non-optimal, duplicate and suspicious conditions
  • Validation of magic methods usage
  • Performance, compatibility & security issues
  • Github Repository
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Key Promoter X

  • It helps you to learn essential shortcuts while you are working
  • Its shows you the actions you use the most and directly provides you with their shortcut
  • Github Repository
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Code Templates

They are a built-in templates used each time you create a new PHP class by selecting New | PHP Class from the popup menu in one of the project views.

Preferences → Editor → File and Code Templates

Files tab:

Code Templates: Files

  • Add declare(strict_types=1); just after the <?php tag
  • Also, add the final keyword to the classes by default


#parse("PHP File Header.php")

#if (${NAMESPACE})

namespace ${NAMESPACE};


class ${NAME} {


transformed to:


#parse("PHP File Header.php")
#if (${NAMESPACE})
namespace ${NAMESPACE};

final class ${NAME} {

Includes tab:

Code Templates: Includes Remove the content from all files except from: PHP Property Doc Comment

You can use:

 * @var ${TYPE_HINT}

Or the shorter version:

/** @var ${TYPE_HINT} */

Code tab:

Code Templates: Code Remove from this tab the default comments for the following sections:

  • PHP Constructor
  • PHP Fluent Setter Method
  • PHP Getter Method
  • PHP Setter Method
 * ${CLASS_NAME} constructor.
public function __construct(${PARAM_LIST}) {${BODY}}

simplify to:

public function __construct(${PARAM_LIST}) {${BODY}}

Live Templates

Live Templates

Add : $RETURN$ to the following shortcuts:

public function $NAME$($PARAMETERS$) {

transform to:

public function $NAME$($PARAMETERS$): $RETURN$

Then, press on the button Edit variables and place "void" on RETURN expression like the picture.

This is the list of the items you have to change:

  • prif
  • prisf
  • prof
  • prosf
  • pubf
  • pubsf

Optionally, you can do the same with PHP Interfaces checkbox.