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Git Mastering

Using git via the terminal or via your IDE?

Command Tool

It’s true that you can use git with your IDE (PhpStorm, for example) but you should know the fundamentals behind these “short-cuts” buttons.

Double check that you know exactly how the git commands work behind the scene using terminal before you get use to these button-helpers.

git status
git checkout
git diff
git rebase
git pull
git push
git stash
git cherry-pick

You can even create your own aliases or use the ones that omyzh provide for you.

Git Hooks

My favorite git hooks are:

  • pre-commit: perfect to check the code style and run your unit tests. This one must be fast.
  • pre-push: perfect to run your integration / functional / e2e tests.

This way, you will ensure that your “git commit” will have a minimum assert of quality, while your “git push” will fully pass the CI.

Anyway, you can easily bypass any “git hook” using the --no-verify flag.